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Bonus chapter included: Web Components

What people are saying

Really, this is by far the best course out there. And I‘ve done so many already. Robert

One of the most effective online courses I've taken on anything anywhere. In a week I've gone from basic functions to web components and the muddy mess of JS has settled into crystal clarity. Bravo! @JoelGMcKinnon

Before taking this course, JavaScript always felt impossible to understand. I'd tried dozens of tutorials but always gave up and felt demoralized afterwards. Less than a month since starting LearnJavascript Online, I feel empowered to develop my own projects.
The course is perfectly structured from start to finish, and enables you to learn by actively writing code instead of just reading / watching somebody else. Without a doubt, this is the best investment I've made in my own education as a developer.

Awesome!! I've tried everything, books, tutorials, projects etc. But this is by far my best learning experience. Thank you!! - Nick

I've been studying JS for a long time, but thanks to this course many things fell into place and their meaning and purpose became clearer. Also, practical tasks helped me a lot; by doing this you get used to the language, its constructions and how they interact with each other. It really helps to memorize the material and understand how it can be applied in practice. And I really love flashcards which helps me to refresh and recall material. - Anton

It's a great series of lessons and challenges that teach ES6 fundamentals clearly and concisely. Jad has given special attention to creating lean challenges that test what you have learned without getting in your way.
As someone with a basic understanding of JavaScript already, I found Learn JavaScript very helpful for cementing what I already knew, and for picking up new things that I had missed along the way.

I'm super impressed with how high the quality of this course is. I've used a few similar products in the past and this is easily the nicest to use. @luke_bennett_

I can't tell you how much fun this is. The step-by-step, cumulative, real-world application has helped me to cement concepts that I've struggled with for a long time. @windowswebdev

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get stuck?

You can enable instant solution mode which allows you to see the solution before completing the challenge. If you prefer to get a personalised hint, then you can ask the course creator or on the community chat.

What can I build after finishing this course?

This course is a perfect pre-requisite to learning any frontend framework or library (such as React, Vue, Angular) as it teaches you the fundamentals of JavaScript & the DOM. After finishing this course, you'll be able to confidentally work with JavaScript, especially with Arrays, Objects, Functions, Classes and the DOM.

What is the private community chat?

It's a Spectrum chat web app that's similar to Slack but keeps chat history log so you can always come back to it. You can also subscribe to specific channels for specific chapters and even get product updates and give feedback. You will receive a link to join the community as soon as you upgrade.

Can I pay in a different currency?

Yes you can! You can pay in your own currency so that you don't incur a cost for currency exchange. Contact support if your currency is not available in the dropdown above.

Is it really a one time payment only?

Yes it is! We believe that you should not have to pay monthly except for Gas, Water & Electricity (and maybe Netflix). This encourages you to take your time while working on the course, rather than rushing through it.

How do you process my payment?

We use Stripe or Paypal to process your payments and your credit card information never touch our servers.

What are the Projects?

Projects are challenges that are longer and have a bit less guidance. These projects allow you to practice most of the concepts you learned so far and apply them in different contexts. For example the first project is a Todo Manager class that takes a list of todos and asks you to implement methods that manage these todos. For example, are all of the todos completed?

Do I get a certificate of completion?

Yes, you get a signed certificate of completion once you finish the entire course.

I am a company registered in the EU. Can I pay without VAT?

Yes you can! We just need a valid VAT number that validates on the EU's VIES. And then we'll send you a payment request excluding the VAT which includes your company's name & and VAT number. Contact support for more info!

Can I get an invoice?

You will automatically receive a receipt from stripe. Please contact us on the chat or by email with your company details and we'll send you an official invoice containing all the necessary details.

Can I get a group discount?

Group discounts are available for groups of 5, 10, 15, 20 and above. Contact us on the chat for more information.

I am a university instructor. Is this course suitable for my students?

Absolutely! The course is already being used in conjunction with university material at some universities. Contact us on the chat with the approximate number of students.

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